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Throughout our lives, no matter which campus attended, we share a bond through our Alma Mater

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Here is where we list upcoming and past reunions.

All we need from you is the information to post.

The LVHS Alumni Web Site is constantly under construction!!

Any info you'd like posted feel free to email to reunion info for inclusion!

Current reunion years without info will be posted in aqua

2018 reunions


Class of 1948

Class of 1948 will be holding their 70th reunion on Friday, September 28 and in conjunction with the Wildcat Reunion on Saturday, September 29th. For further information contact Paul Sedway at (415) 265-7526 or L. D. George at (702) 870-4595

Class of 1950

Class of 1950 will be holding their 68 year reunion on Friday, September 28, 2018. Contact Barbara Sexsmith Taylor at or (801) 636-5688 (text or call) for details. They will also be celebrating at the Wildcat Reunion on September 29.


Class of 1953

Will be holding their 65th reunion September 28 and 29. Contact George Wilkinson at (919) 803-5229 or for details


Class of 1956

Will be having a "mini" reunion on April 28, 2018 to celebrate their 62nd reunion and 80th birthdays They will also be celebrating at the Wildcat Reunion on September 29, 2018. Contact Patty Haack at or (702) 876-6660 for details. Information is also available on their website:


Class of 1958

Class of 1958 is planning their 60 year reunion for Friday and Saturday, September 28 & 29, 2018.
Contacts are:
Linda Rankin Givens (702) 373-5511
Sharon Von Tobel Schmitt (702) 228-9985


Class of 1963

Class of 1963 will be celebrating their 55th Reunion on September 28 and 29.

Join us at TGI Friday's at the Orleans at 4:45 pm on Friday, September 28th

Then the Wildcat Reunion at the Orleans in the upstairs ballroom Saturday the 29th

 Contact Laura Ungaro at (702) 248-7556 or or Sherman Simmons at (702) 279-7373 or for details.


Class of 1968
Plans are underway for a 50 year reunion on September 28 and 29.
Details will be available soon.
Contact Mary Alice (Hardy) Greenhalgh


Class of 1973


Class of 1978

We are just starting to plan for our 40th reunion in 2018. We will be having it on Sept 28-29, 2018 in conjunction with the All Class Reunion on Sept 29. Those interested can email Georgeann Wright Ray at for more information.
We have also set up a FB group to discuss our plans for the reunion that we would be happy to add them to when we find them.


Class of 1983


Class of 1988


Class of 1993


Class of 1998


Class of 2003


Class of 2008


Class of 2013


Info & pictures from past reunions


2017 Reunions


Class of 1957
Mickey Hollingshead and members of Class of 1957 celebrated their 60th Reunion at the Wildcat Reunion and at the Bootlegger Bistro with owner Lorraine Perry Hunt-Bono and husband Dennis Bono. In front is Lorraine’s mother, chef “Mama” Maria, who is 100 years old and still cooking at the Bootlegger!

(click on pictures for full size)



Class of 1967
Members of Class of 1967 celebrated their 50th Reunion on a cruise along the California Coast and Mexico. They also were honored as "Golden Grads" at a luncheon at LVHS on June 8 and at the LVHS graduation ceremonies on June 9.
See more details in the Wildcat Tales #18 newsletter (on the "Association News" page of this website).

(click on pictures for full size)



Class of 1997
Members of Class of 1997 celebrated their 20th Reunion at the Wildcat Reunion on September 23. See more details in the Wildcat Tales #18 newsletter (on the "Association News" page of this website).

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Older posts


Class of 1935 class reunion in 1983
click here for picture
here for attendee list


Class of 1960

Russ Chang celebrates his 55th class reunion
Blog by


Golden graduation ceremony Class of 1965

click here for pictures

Two PDF files below documenting the 60 year reunion of the class of 1953

60th reunion 1

60th reunion 2


Class of 1963
Utah mini-reunion dinner - Nov 2013

left to right:

Neil and Sue Brady
Jon and Dee Ann Larsen
Norman and April Love
Trent and Sue Whittle
Clayton and Ann Marie Downey


A pdf newsletter by and for the class of 1953 on their 60 year class reunion

Class of 1962

The 50th Reunion for the Class of 1962
was September 21 and 22, 2012.
Go to for info


Class of 1972

Class of 1972's 40th reunion was
Friday, September 14, 2012
Saturday, September 15, 2012
Sunday, September 16, 2012
For information call:
Dave Williams at (702) 355-8676
or email:



 Class of 1959 luncheon-Golden graduation ceremony

click here for pictures!

Class of 1945:
The class of 1945 had their 63rd reunion on Friday, September 19th at the Italian American Club.
There were 58 attendees, including some from other 40s classes.

Seated: John Mendoza, Tom Pursel, Patty Roach Deverell, John Foley, Fred Gibson,
George Zettler, Barbara Knudson Henry,Beverly Johnson,Joylin Johnson Vandenberg
Standing: Leslie Smith, Martin Hardy, Paul Stokes, Melvin Whipple, Andrew Mikulich

STH70279-1.jpg (44006 bytes)

click picture above for photo album
Contact was Joylin Vandenburg at 702/873-2833 or

Class of 1958:
The class of 1958 had their 50 year reunion October 17-19, 2008
A Friday night ice-breaker was held at the home of Peggy Williams Hallerberg
The Saturday night dinner was held at Canyon Gate Country Club.

Click here for photo album

Contacts were Linda Rankin Givens at 702/363-5511 or,
or Peggy Williams Hallerberg at 702/250-9380 or

Class of 1972
Contact: David Williams email

Class of 1976
Las Vegas High School Class of 1976 HomePage
(created by David Long, class of 1976)

class Newsletter by Dennis Berry (click here)