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Throughout our lives, no matter which campus attended, we share a bond through our Alma Mater

Las Vegas High School


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The next reunion will be September 26, 2015 mark your calendars

The 2015 WILDCAT REUNION for all LVHS Alumni will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at the Orleans Hotel & Casino in the Mardi Gras Ballroom.

Hospitality room opens at 4:30 p.m.

Ballroom opens at 5:00 p.m. and buffet begins at 5:30 p.m.

Special recognition is being given to classes of 1940 through 1945 and also to those classes celebrating their significant reunions this year. Lots of great food, entertainment and dancing for only $45 per person if paid in advance, or $50 per person at the door. All attendees receive a free ticket for a chance to win a door prize, plus you can participate in our LVHSAA Scholarship Fund raffle for some really great raffle prizes.

We expect to have attendees from classes of 1937 through 2015! Join us for a really fun evening and reconnect with not only your classmates, but your schoolmates from other classes too!

Flyers will be mailed by the first week of July. If you do not receive one, contact Patty Haack at or (702) 876-6660 for details.

If you'd like, you can make your reservations now and pay by credit card. Just click on the link below.

Once a year a dedicated committee works hard to put together the Wildcat Reunion. This reunion is historically held in early or mid-September. It was started in 1978 by alumni Bill "Wildcat Morris (class of 1945) . Hence 2008 was the 30th anniversary of the Wildcat Reunion. The reunions were held in Morris' backyard until they became too large. It was then held in various locations until Morris died in 1998. In 2001, alumni Bill Boyd and other members of the class of 1949 started it up again at the Stardust Hotel. It was moved to Sam's Town in 2002 and has been held there annually ever since. In 2012 it was again moved to The Orleans Hotel and Casino.

contact Patty Haack at (702) 876-6660 or


We also have the word on the next few Wildcat reunions for those who like to think ahead.

Mark your calendars for these dates:

September 26, 2015

September 24, 2016 

September 16, 2017


Invitations for the Wildcat reunion are historically sent out the first week in July.
If you did not receive one this year, you are not on our mailing list.

For inclusion both now and in the future please contact Patty Haack at:

Until you are on our mailing list you won't get an invitation because they are currently sent out only by snail mail.

Info on past reunions below



2014 pictures here!   


We had a total of 520 attendees.

Attendees came from all corners of the continental U.S. (including Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Montana, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas and Washington) plus Hawaii.

Our oldest attendees were Lina Pinjuv Sharp (class of 1937) and Nancy Marriott Austin (class of 1939). 

Our youngest attendees were three of our scholarship winners 2014 (Marissa Gomez, Arianne Monzon and Steven Salas) plus Monica Kim-Zamora from the class of 2014.

We had 3 attendees from classes of the 1930s and 22 from classes of the 1940s.  Although the majority of attendees were from the 50’s through the 70’s, we were pleased to have more from the 80’s and after than in previous years.  Hopefully the word will get around to the younger classes about how great the food is and how much fun the younger crowd had dancing and we’ll have even more next year!

Class of 1964, celebrating their 50th reunion, had the most attendees – a total of 52. Class of 1953 having such a good time celebrating their 60th reunion with us last year, had the second most attendees this year, and class of 1963 had so much fun celebrating their 50th last year, came in with the third most attendees.

Miriam O’Donnell Pemberton, class of 1955, was presented the “Outstanding Alumni of the Year” award for her outstanding support and work on the Wildcat Reunion for the last nine years.

In response to requests from attendees for shorter door and raffle prize drawings, we made them quick this year.  Door prizes were won by Bonnie Bryan, wife of Senator Richard Bryan (1955) who won a beautiful crystal vase, Stan Clifton (1950) won a $50 gift card to the Cheesecake Factory, Marion Peterson (1950) won a $50 gift card to Olive Garden, and Marilyn Riggs Schouten (1950) won a Las Vegas “throw” (blanket) donated by the class of 1953.

Ten members of the LVHS Student Council sold the raffle tickets for us, wearing red and black t-shirts that had “College Bound Wildcat” across the front.  Thanks to everyone that bought raffle tickets.  The raffle prize winner was Heather Dase, wife of John Dase (1972) who won $725 – half of what we collected selling raffle tickets, leaving $725 for our Scholarship Fund. 

Between the raffle ticket sales, sale of the new Wildcat lapel pins, sale of the alumni license plate frames, sale of ads for our program, plus a couple of general donations, we made almost $5000 for our Scholarship Fund.  Thanks to all of you that participated!!


2013 pictures here


2012 pictures here



The 2011 Wildcat Reunion for all alumni of LVHS was at Sam's Town in the Sam's Town Live Ballroom. Recap to follow!

Pictures are here!

For more information, or to be sure we have your mailing address, contact Patty Haack at: (702) 876-6660 or

If you are interested in being on our Wildcat Reunion Committee, please contact Patty Haack.

The 2011 Wildcat reunion

was September 10, 2011 at Sam's Town.

- We had over 100 attendees from out-of-state, including 2 from Mexico, 7 from the New England States, 3 from New York, 1 from Hawaii, 2 from Georgia and 26 from Utah

Older reunions:

The 2010 Wildcat reunion

was September 11, 2010 at Sam's Town.

It was a great party.



Total attendees: 635 (alumni and guests)
Includes alumni from 1928 through 2010 - an 82 year span
Oldest attendee: Violet Oppedyk Tracht (1928)
Youngest attendee(s): Cindy Guerrero and Mary Phenix (2010)
Scholarship winners in attendance (both 2010 grads): Cindy Guerrero and Mary Phenix
In addition to Violet from 1928, we had alumni (not including guests) attendees from:
30s - 2
40s - 57
50s - 183
60s - 150
70s - 28
80s - 6
90's - 3
2000's - 2
We had attendees (including guests) from 19 states, including Nevada.

165 attendees were from out-of- state.

We had attendees from every corner of the U.S., including Maine (3), Florida (4), Washington state (9) and California (65), plus 5 from Hawaii. We had 24 from Arizona and 26 from Utah.

The alumni that traveled the furthest for the most consecutive years was Dolores Morford Watt, class of 1942.

We had 9 teachers in attendance, plus the Student Council Advisor and 10 Student Council members.

We had 5 classes celebrating "significant" reunions along with us (1945, 1950, 1955, 1960 and 1965).

Class of 1960 had the most attendees (121), followed by class of 1955 with 84 attendees.

The "Outstanding Alumni of the Year" award was presented to U. S. Senator Richard Bryan.

We honored Coach Harvey Stanford and the 1944 football team. They were undefeated and unscored upon. 9 of the surviving 16 members were in attendance.

We made over $2100 for the scholarship fund


Wildcat Reunion 2009

Lynn Zook of Classic Las Vegas wrote an article about this reunion

click here!

The annual Wildcat Reunion for ALL alumni of LVHS was held on Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pictures are uploaded

Picture album

Here's the recap of the 2009 reunion courtesy of Patty Haack.

There were over 500 attendees, with alumni from an 80 year span: 1928 through 2008.

Oldest Attendee:
Violet Oppedyk Tracht (Class of 1928)
Violet will be 100 years old next May!

Youngest Attendee:
James Lim (Class of 2008)

Rigoberto Rangel, Class of 2009 was also in attendance as our guest.
He is one of the winners of an LVHSAA 2009 Scholarship.

Attendees that Traveled the Furthest:
Ron Silverman (Class of 1954) from Honolulu, Hawaii
Margaret Morford Watt (Class of 1942) from Brunswick, Maine

The Class of 1954 had the most attendees, with 32 alumni and a total of 46 attendees

Attendees included:

1 alumni from 1928 (3 total attendees)
3 alumni from the 1930s (5 total attendees)
58 alumni from the 1940s (80 total attendees)
159 alumni from the 1950s (203 total attendees)
46 alumni from the 1960s (54 total attendees)
83 alumni from the 1970s (119 total attendees)
27 alumni from the 1980s (33 total attendees)
15 alumni from the 1990s (18 total attendees)
4 alumni from the 2000s (5 total attendees)

There were 71 alumni (107 attendees) from out-of-state and 17 alumni (23 attendees) from other locations in Nevada.

Entertainment was provided by comedian Cork Proctor (Class of 1950)
We had 14 door prizes. There were 12 raffle prizes, including men and women's jewelry and a TV/DVD combination.

Thanks to everyone's participation, we earned over $1500 for the LVHSAA Scholarship Fund.


Wildcat Reunion 2008

Here's a recap of the 2008 reunion courtesy of Patty Haack.

Oldest Attendee:
Violet Oppedyk Tracht, (class of 1928)

Youngest Attendees:
Justin George Hernandez, (class of 1997) and Rosylyd Smith (class of 1996)

Attendees that Traveled the Furthest:
Ron Silverman (class of 1954 - from Honolulu)
Margaret Morford Watt (class of 1942) - from Brunswick, Maine.

The class with the most attendees:
1955 - they had 26 alumni and a total of 34 attendees.
There were 66 people from the 1940's and 117 from the 1950's.

We had 52 alumni (67 attendees) from out-of-state and 14 from other locations in Nevada.

Entertainment was performed by Pure Gold Productions.
We had 29 door prizes and raffle items.
The "grand" prize being a 40" Sony Flat Screen HDTV won by:
Art and Shirley Gilmore Goldstrom (class of 1953 and 1954 respectively)